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EGH Jeez sorry about that

2017-11-29 22:28:02 by Jatha

It's been quite a while. Looking through a few pieces I had posted here, I decided to do some cleaning up.
As for animation/art stuff I might repost some stuff I have done or will do in the future.

As for now though....

You'll see

Might be coming back

2016-06-13 18:49:13 by Jatha

Hey guys I know it has been a while since I last visited the site, and that is because I have not been animating as much as I did in the past. I actually also noticed that I have been wanting to animate in 2D since graduating from college XD

But yeah, that main reason I might be coming back is because of my girlfriend, and how she made the point that I could still make posts and talk with you guys on this website XD so if you guys want to help me out with getting back into things here, please give me so ideas as to how I can better communicate or share things with you and I will do my best to satisfy you XD

I've Moved On! ... For now ;3

2014-06-24 02:49:48 by Jatha


Hey there guys..
I bet the 5 of you who follow me on here have been wondering where I have been!
WELP I've been working on my Youtube, it's been pretty much my entire life since I left Newgrounds, and I am so sorry for all the bad art, and animations I left behind.

So if you guys would like to see how far I've come since leaving the r-panda jokes, the sad animations, and just basically how I've improved myself as a person/animator.. you can come find me here.. and Eventually I plan to bring something back to the olde website... It's just been... WELL!!! I guess weird for me xD

As a present though to bring some of you up to speed I'm leaving you with one of my latest creations.

I hope you'll enjoy it ;3


Made some new stuff just check out the youtubes

New Rigs New Ideas

2012-06-29 01:04:22 by Jatha

Currently I am playing around with a Master Chief Model I've rigged Im not completely comfortable with it yet, but you'll be able to tell if its good or bad in the next animation.... The Next Animation Is A Voice Acting Reel I did for fun, just to try this out so I hope you all enjoy it when it comes XD

MCAnimated : Monochrome No Kiss

2012-03-13 22:47:46 by Jatha

This Animation took a couple weeks to make it came out awesomely

the first day was just singing the song over and over to get the right sound eventually I ended up combining three versions of my voice singing the song and two of AnimePearlVoice's the days following were just me animating until yesterday it finished rendering the characters and I used sony vegas 10 to add in the backgrounds from minecraft and the internet and some photoshoped images anyways it came out awesomely and I hope MCAnimated can become a series

Check out the video here Monochrome No Kiss MCAnimated

MCAnimated : Monochrome No Kiss


2012-02-19 04:37:03 by Jatha

Just created Haxors Today I'm Happy with the way it came out although the lighting could be fixed but the only other issue now is the flash version of the video has a lag in the video stream if people's computers suck anyways it came out great and I spent the past 4 hours fixing this so I hope everyone enjoys it :D


Uploaded My Most Awesome Animation

2012-02-04 15:28:19 by Jatha

Oh My God

This Video is currently One Of My Most Viewed Videos on youtube...

Started A New Minecraft Series

2011-08-09 09:29:51 by Jatha

Bandits And Grenadiers
Youtube Channel

Minecraft Series: Creeper's Den

2011-06-21 23:31:49 by Jatha

http://www.youtube.com/user/CreepersDe n?feature=mhee

My brother and I have started a youtube show with minecraft and have countless people signing up to join us, and so far I've been creating all the pictures for our show. It's been great and I would appreciate if the few who actually read my posts to check it out :D

I am Vendus, and my Brother is Montegro

Minecraft Series: Creeper's Den